Polaris Ranger Cab Accessories

The exciting release of the new 2013 Ranger 900 XP this year has re-focused the attention on the king of the utility UTV sector, however briefly taking the spotlight back from the RZR. The new lock and ride design has taken the industry by storm and set a standard for windshield, roof and cab enclosure standardization. Of course, the aftermarket is still swimming with options not yet addressed by Polaris.

We love the cab of the Ranger. Its completely functional, spacious, and can seat three full-size passengers lengthwise. Of course, there are those owners for whom comfort is a larger priority than capacity. The vast majority of farmers and commercial owners drive alone most of the time, and very rarely have the need to carry more than one passenger. If this sounds like you, the bench seat that comes in the Ranger probably is not the most ergonomically pleasing seat that you’ve parked yourself in. Not to worry, with companies like Beard and PRP designing everything from high back race bucket seats to super-cushy low back suspension seats, there’s not need to rough it in the comfort department. Bucket seats can be found for under $200, and if you like to customize your vehicle to the hilt, PRP can design a custom seat with materials and colors to fit your exact specifications.

The winter is a brutal time in the Midwest, Northeast and Canada, and we hate to park our Ranger half the year, but the very idea of riding even with a full enclosure is often enough to keep us warmed by the fire.

So by Thanksgiving, we throw our cab heater in the vehicle and never look back. These cab heaters are an ingenious design, connecting to the radiator and using circulated hot water to warm the cabin. They draw low amps, so they won’t drain your battery, and their compact size means they don’t take up so much cabin space that you can’t carry passengers and other gear.

We know what a problem storage can be in UTVs, and while there are literally dozens of storage bags, boxes and cargo covers, one of the most innovative that we’ve seen is the Kolpin overhead console and mirror combination. This rear mirror features a convex lens for high visibility, and the universal clamps attach to roll bars even with the roof installed.

If you are shopping for cab accessories, do some research online and don’t forget your gun racks, gas cans and gear baskets.