Two Brothers Racing UTV Parts and Accessories

Two Brothers has been building racing exhaust for motorcycles and ATVs since 1985, and soon grew into an AMA Supercross Championship Racing Team. As Racing wins continued to pile up, the public began to take notice and today Two Brothers Builds more motorcycle and ATV Performance Exhaust Systems than anyone. In recent years, the company has expanded into other motorcycle, ATV and now UTV performance products like suspension kits, brake rotors and pads, ECU equipment and more. Their exhaust systems range from simple slip-on canisters to extreme triple pipe full race exhaust systems.

The core of their performace exhaust systems are titanium canisters that can be used with three different “power tips” that adjust the exhaust’s decibal level to fit your preferred sound level. The solid steel pipes are custom tuned to extract the maximum horsepower out of your UTV’s motor. We installed the dual pipe system on our RZR4 XP 900 and we can attest to the immediate throttle response and quicker acceleration at all speeds.

Two Brothers most recent endeavor is the TBR-Pro and Pro-R series high flow air filters. Easy to install and clean, their pleated construction technology improve throttle response, air flow from idle to redline, and the capability to be washed up to 25 times before being replaced. They use the stock air filter housing, with no modification required.

The new Two Brothers “juice box” fuel controller is a simple plug and play setup that uses carburetor tuning logic to fine tune your fuel system performance for additional engine mods.

This unit plugs into the OEM wiring harness between the stock ECU and fuel injectors to provide precise control of the engine’s fuel management system.

For complete fuel injection and ignition timing, look no further than Trinity’s Power Commander, using OEM style connectors to avoid splicing or cutting the harness. Installation takes only 15 minutes, and all necessary changes can be made to the fuel and ignition curves via the PCs onboard microprocessor. The unit includes software and cable link that allows on the fly adjustment to the fuel map whenever its needed.

The horsepower increases will vary, but it its a proven fact that the perfect fuel/air ratio ensures that any engine produces its maximum possible horsepower potential. Essentially, the Power Commander allows you to take a motor that is about 70% optimized for its maximum horsepower potential to 85-95% optimized. The Power Commander essentially allows your engine to perform at its peak potential.

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