In order to expand their lineup and reach a different kind of consumer, Land Rover/Range Rover developed a new small crossover that was less expensive and also smaller than the models that preceded it. The new model, called the Evoque received a warm reception and has been quite a popular seller since it was introduced […]

With their increased seating capacity, higher ride height and versatility, sport utility vehicles offer their owners a wealth of uses. They come well equipped to handle the needs of a larger family, or outdoor enthusiasts looking for an off-road adventure. These larger vehicles do come with their own unique safety dangers however, that differ from […]

In the luxury SUV market; there are quite a few models that offer a wealth of luxury with soft leather, a comfortable ride, and advanced technology. But, there are not many luxury SUVs that place an emphasis on sport and the overall driving experience. Porsche is one of the few automakers that make a luxury […]

The Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG is one of the big boys in the SUV game. It’s more than capable of handling any type of off-road, rugged terrain thanks to its history with the German automaker. While it may have been mainly used to conquer rough terrains in the past, the G-Class models have transformed into […]

One of the most popular segments in the automotive marketplace is the CUV or Compact Utility Vehicle. Just like the SUV, the CUV offers greater amounts of luggage space and capabilities but with better fuel economy and a more car-like ride quality. These characteristics have made them quite popular in the automotive marketplace, leading many […]

The long awaited Mitsubishi ASX 2013 is finally here, and fans of Japanese driving innovation will not be disappointed. From the rugged utility vehicles of the past, Mitsubishi seems to have morphed into one of the most luxurious big-car brands of the decade, with elegance and style that previousMitsubishi models were definitely lacking. The entertainment […]

Living in a family of four in one of the most populous cities like Mumbai puts forward certain constraints in the lifestyle. This comes out to be noted every time when there is an outing just to spend those quality hours of the weekend with friends and family. The car that takes us out to […]

A cold air intake makes sure the car engine gets enough cold air. The cold air intake cools the air the engine breathes through the air intake tube and air filter. It increases the gas to air ratio on the engine. This makes it possible for the gasoline to be evenly combusted and more use […]

The 80 Series Land Cruiser is one of the most popular four wheel drives, even today. Even though the first models are over 20 years old, they are still very common and for a number of reasons. However, one of the issues with the 80 Series Land Cruiser is the sloppiness that develops over a […]