Are you looking to buy a second hand caravan? Do you need an affordable one? If you answered YES to any of the above questions then the following tips should help you a great deal: Scrutinize the Caravan Here’s what I mean: before thinking of buying a second hand caravan, ensure you survey both the […]

Conversion vans do not boast best-in-class fuel mileage numbers like they boast the number of fun adventures had, but they can offer fuel economy if maintained regularly. The typical conversion van will get approximately 12-16 miles per gallon (mpg), depending on the model. Let’s explore factors that effect fuel economy and how to get the […]

A good van hire service can help you do more and save money too. However, there are so many van hire services available today that it is really hard to select the right van for your needs. Don’t worry, we will help you overcome this problem. What are the things you should know when hiring […]

Today, there are many companies that offer Man-and-Van services to people who want to relocate from one place to another. However, it is important to take certain factors into consideration before an individual hires any company. Here are some of the critical factors you must consider in order to find the best deal. Qualities of […]

Leasing a Ford Transit is very popular, particularly in Europe. It is one of the most widely used light-weight commercial vehicles. Over five million models have been sold since when it was brought in the market in 1965. Such a reliable and versatile van is utilized for different applications. This vehicle is capable to cater […]

From experience, overcoming a “handicap” is difficult in the beginning. Once you learn to live with it and do day-to-day tasks, it’s like second nature. It seems that technology doesn’t limit those with limitations like once was in past decades. Assistive technology is providing independence for running errands or keeping farmers and industrial employees active […]

Car rentals are seemingly hard to locate in rural areas. Part of my family live far away and like to save gas money by carpooling the six hour car ride to the rest of the family. Rather than putting miles on their vehicles, it makes sense to pool money together for a 15-passsenger van that […]

When caravans are kept static that’s when they stand the risk of extended damage. There are a number of steps you’ll need to take in order to ensure that your static / standing caravan does not become a liability when the summer returns. The first thing you need to start with is annual servicing of […]

For a professional and social life, the contemporary woman is undeniably moving after dark. However, whether enjoying alcohol or having a dry evening, getting home late can pose threats to the safety of a lady. Most women would agree that they prefer to book a taxi or a cab as they feel safe in a […]

The family car may be reliable, but it isn’t the most spacious and comfortable ride for long road trips and vacations. Sure, you could rent an RV, but that land yacht can be too expensive and it’s nearly the size of a city bus! A conversion van is your answer. It’s a step down from […]