Factors Involved In Selecting The Perfect Motorcycle Tire For Your Need

There is no denying that the motorcycle engine is a very critical component. With that being said the tire is no less important. When it comes to higher criticality both the engine and tire play an equal role. Both these components are vital for a safe riding experience. You would look for perfect acceleration as well as top class handling which is produced by both these components. Just like the engine the tire also helps in a beautiful riding experience.

It is very important to choose the motorcycle tires based on the bike you purchase. The style of the thread, bias, material etc. should go hand in hand with the type of motorcycle. Cars do not require different type of tires for the back and front, however it is not the same case with bikes. The front tires are completely different from the ones at the back. The tires are made to suit the purpose the bike was manufactured for. The rear tire is made in such a way that it takes care of the power and acceleration, whereas the front tires take care of braking.

As mentioned, tires are designed to suit different needs. Motorbikes designed for racing need tires that aid in racing. Similarly sport bikes need tires that aid sporting.

Racing tires

The most sought after quality for a racing bike is that the bikes need a great deal of contact with the ground even when at extreme angles of leaning. Racing requires the motorcycle tires to take a lot of wear and tear and so they need to be resistant to puncture.

Sporting bike tires

These bikes need to run real hard on surfaces. They need good surface contact and also have to perform in extreme weather. The thread to void ratio needs to be increased in order to give these tires a good grip on any kind of climatic condition.

The cruisers tires

These bikes need tires that have a great quality grip on any type of surface varying from concrete or asphalt. The tires are made with a balance between maximum life of the thread and a grip that is superior.

Touring bike tires

Touring bikes usually ride on different weather conditions and will have to move on various surfaces for a long period. This requires the tire to have more grooves because otherwise they may falter in poor weather. The tires also need great stability to allow the rider to stay upright without much effort.

It is therefore vital to choose tires based on the type of motorbike. You should not only consider the finance but also the comfort as well as safety.