Tips to Maintain Your Motorcycle

Love your bike and want to keep it in mint condition? You can easily do it by following a few maintenance tips.


  • Regularly check the tyres for scratches, cuts and embedded stones
  • Check if the air pressure in the tyre is correct
  • Periodically check the tire alignment


  • Make sure the brakes are not too tight or lose
  • Replace worn-out brake pads if you consistently hear the screeching sound
  • Make sure that the brake fluid is at the correct level
  • Periodically check to see if any dirt or grime is accumulated in the brake shoe

Spark Plug

  • Once in a while you should check if the spark plug is working fine
  • Remove the spark plug and wipe the area
  • Dip it in a little kerosene or petrol and then wipe it with a clean cloth
  • Check if the electrodes are clean and properly connected
  • Reinstall it
  • Replace corroded or damaged spark plugs immediately


  • Regularly inspect battery terminals and remove sediments or dirt build-up
  • Use a brush to remove the dirt and sediments
  • Check if the fuse is working properly
  • See if there are any leaks in the battery
  • If you have a distilled water battery, then you should change the water once in two months
  • Disposable batteries are easy to use and don’t require much maintenance. But you should not use it once it’s life time is over


  • Wipe the headlights and tail lights with a clean cloth everyday
  • You can do the same thing for indicators and brake lights too
  • Switch on the light and check the beam aim and light brightness
  • If light beam is misaligned, have it repaired immediately
  • Replace cracked tail lights and indicators immediately


  • Check if horn wires are properly connected
  • Wipe it with a dry cloth everyday

Engine Oil

  • Regularly check the level of engine oil
  • Replace engine oil after the prescribed kilometres

Air Filter

  • If the air filter is made of paper, simply tap it to dislodge the accumulated dust
  • If the air filter is made of foam, you should wash it in solvent and dry it before fixing it again

Drive chain

  • The slack in the drive chain changes from bike to bike. Check the slack level in your bike manual and ensure that the level is maintained at all times
  • Adjust the drive chain using the rear axle nut and swing arm
  • Check wheel alignment before you tighten the nut
  • Make sure that the chain is properly lubricated so the movement is smooth


  • Check the cable connected to the clutch for any loose connections
  • Adjust it using threaded adjuster and locknut