What Not to Ask Motorcycle Dealers When Buying Your First Ride

Just imagine this scenario. You’re sitting atop a gorgeous new motorcycle strapping your helmet on. You start it up, hearing and feeling the roar of the engine as it cuts through the air. You kick it into gear and give it some gas. A few minutes later you’re on the freeway going 70 miles per hour. The wind against your leather covered arms and legs liberates something inside of you. Passing other motorcyclists, you quickly extend your arm in the customary gesture of acknowledgement. You enjoy the ride for hours and return home. Shutting everything down, you close your eyes as you remove your helmet… only to open them and realize you still haven’t bought a bike yet!

You’re still browsing the various motorcycle dealers in your area. You realize the excitement got to you as you sat on a parked bike. Slightly embarrassed, you stand up and go over the list of questions you want to ask. While you’re sure to be careful to ask the right questions, to avoid being the laughing stock of the shop, here’s a list of questions you certainly want to avoid asking any motorcycle dealers.

“What Happens If It Rains?”

You’re on a motorcycle. You’re out in the open. That means you’re in direct contact with all of the elements. You feel the heat from the sunshine, you feel the bite from the cold, and you certainly get soaking wet when it rains, unless you use another method of transportation when the skies are questionable.

“Are You a Biker?”

If a person works with bikes in a shop or at a dealer, chances are they enjoy motorcycles enough to want to be around them all day and enjoy the company of their fellow bikers.

“This is the Same as Driving a Manual Car or Truck, Right?”

Wrong. Very, very wrong. There’s a reason you usually need to get a separate motorcycle endorsement from your state on your driver’s license in order to legally drive one.

“How Do I Look?”

You’re just opening yourself up to anything here. Asking your shopping partner is one thing, but asking motorcycle dealers how you look is likely to get all sorts of sarcastic responses. Or some that may even be a little too honest…

“How Fast Does This Go?”

Most motorcycles are pretty fast, but just like with a car, you’re limited on how fast you can drive. Speed limits and police are there to knock you back into a more appropriate speed.

Before you ask any potentially embarrassing questions and become the laughing stock at all the motorcycle dealers in your area, think twice for your own sake.