3 Important Motorhome Features to Check As a Buyer

There are many things to pay attention to when you are buying a motorhome. You should focus on the performance and reliability of the vehicle. You have to assess its functional features as well. Use some practical tips which will help you with evaluating three of the main ones.

Electrical System

The modern motorhomes come equipped with 12V leisure battery which provides electricity for powering cooking appliances, lights and other items. You must ensure that the battery is quick to charge and slow to drain. It must be perfectly reliable as well. The manufacturer is quite important. Energy efficiency is quite important. It is best if the battery is paired with a solar panel for getting extra power.

Check how many electrical outlets there are and where they are located. You would certainly want to have at least two or three in the kitchen area. There should be outlets close to the driver’s seat and to the beds.

Storage Facilities

You should define your storage space requirements in line with the number of people who will be travelling and the length of the trips which you will be making. You would want to have sufficient room for clothing and linen. There should be a sufficiently large cupboard for keeping cooking utensils. The cupboard should be designed so that fragile items can be stored securely and safely during travel.

You have to have enough room to transport any equipment which you will need. External storage facilities are always of great use. You should also check whether you can install additional external storage boxes.

Heating and Cooling

Unless you travel only during the warm summer months, you will certainly need a heater. Undoubtedly, the best option is an in-built gas powered heater. You will get the ideal temperature without paying a lot of money. A portable butane heater is also an option, but it is not suitable for long-term use. If you plan to use a domestic electric heater, you have to ensure that it can be hooked to the grid of campsites without any problem.

You can readily use a 12V fan for cooling the campervan when you stop at camping sites. This is an effective and cost-efficient option since the fan will not use much energy. If you plan to keep the doors and windows open, you have to ensure that they are equipped with durable and reliable mosquito nets.

You are now ready to make the right decisions as a motorhome buyer.