3 Reasons Why Pickup Trucks Are Incredibly Versatile

When you are deciding on a new car, there are a lot of options out there. If you only drive your kids to school, a sedan is probably a good choice for you. If you carpool, an SUV or mini-van would do. If you do all of this, and need to be able to carry a fridge, a couch, or a load of bikes, you should consider a pickup. There is a good reason trucks are considered by many to be the All-American vehicle. You rarely (if ever) see them in Europe. In other parts of the world they prove useful and popular, but not to the extent we see here in the States. Here are three reasons why pickups are the most versatile vehicle on the road.

Ability To Haul Things

While they have evolved over time, growing more comfortable, more refined, and more fuel efficient, trucks were originally created to haul things, and that is still what they do best. The bed allows you to carry many, many items that other vehicles cannot. Sedans are limited by trunk space. SUV’s offer more cargo area, but the roof prevents carrying large items. Pickups do not have these limitations, and it is why they are so popular among the public.

Ability To Haul People

For a long time, trucks were meant to carry a lot of things, and two or three people. However, in the past twenty years, we have seen an evolution in the style of passenger cabs offered to consumers. Two door, bench seat cabs are rarely, if ever seen anymore. Stretch cabs, double cabs, and crew cabs are the norm now. They can easily accommodate four, five, or even six people, plus a fridge and a couch. If you want to carry a fridge or a couch in an SUV, you won’t be able to fit more than two people in the front. Bench seats are often replaced by captain chairs in the cabs, offering more comfort. Leather has replaced vinyl, and makers now offer such luxuries as wireless internet, DVD players, and heated and cooled seats. Items such as these used to only be found in luxury sedans and high end sports cars. So not only can you carry a lot of people, but you can do it in comfort and style.

Ability To Haul People And Things Everywhere

So we have established that pickups offer an unsurpassed ability to haul things, such as appliances, firewood, and furniture. We have also established that they can haul large numbers of people at the same time they are hauling things. What makes trucks truly special, though, is that they can carry people and things over a large amount of terrain. Pickups will ride smoothly on the freeway, easily handle dirt and gravel roads, navigate rivers, and slough through mud and sand. In effect, they allow you to take anything and anyone, anywhere.

In conclusion, pickup trucks offer the ultimate in versatility when it comes to vehicles on the road today. They can carry things that no other car or SUV can, while also carrying your passengers over freeways, dirt roads, and sand dunes.