What Is a Pro-Torq Axle?

Many truck owners are well aware of the benefits of quality trailer axles versus the generic type of axles but not many have heard of the Pro-Torq Axle. It was specifically designed to meet the need for trucks that travel long distances and for those that find themselves in rugged conditions. This newly designed trailer axle introduces more benefits than the standard trailer axle. So what is a Pro-Torq Axle and how is it beneficial for your truck and trailer?

The Pro-Torq Axle is a tried, tested and proven trailer axle design that gives you a longer tyre thread life and improves ABS braking. It gives you extended wheel seal and bearing service intervals so you don’t have to service them as often as you would with a standard trailer axle. In addition, it offers you cost savings on services as you don’t need to replace as many parts as you usually would. The Pro-Torq Axle offers tighter control on bearing adjustment and it is quickly installed. This axle also uses less grease during driving and fewer components are required. On the technical side, the thread size is 3.480 inches – 12 and 12 UNC – 88.4 millimetres. The outer and inner bearing part numbers are HM518410 and HM518445. For the ideal axle combination, it is recommended that you use Shell Grease, Timken Bearings and Pro-Torq Nut. This tested combination ensures the longevity of this quality trailer part. Furthermore, the axle hub assembly minimises the risk of any mechanical problems. If you are on the road often, then this part will give you that extra peace of mind while travelling. For the environmentalists, the Pro-Torq Axle is environmentally friendly and considered the greenest axle around as you have minimal wastage on part replacements.

In one case study, three trailers had been fitted with the Pro-Torq Axle. It was found that these trailers were able to handle the pressure of rough terrains and still remain in good condition. When they were checked at approximately 300 000 kilometres, no trailer parts had to be replaced whereas other types of trailer axles all need new bearings and bushes at this stage.

The Pro-Torq Axle is a quality part that is reliable and well designed. It gives the driver good mileage and offers great cost savings on services. This is the ideal part for the forestry industry, sugar can industry, long distance haulage, cross border conditions as well as rugged and extreme conditions.