Increasing Mobility in Disabled Persons With Adaptive Equipment to Vehicles

From experience, overcoming a “handicap” is difficult in the beginning. Once you learn to live with it and do day-to-day tasks, it’s like second nature. It seems that technology doesn’t limit those with limitations like once was in past decades. Assistive technology is providing independence for running errands or keeping farmers and industrial employees active on the job. A physical limitation no longer means collecting disability; it can, but people are still working, which only increases one’s self-esteem. Believe me.

Adaptive equipment for vehicles are keeping people active, no longer relying on someone else to drive. Getting into vehicles higher off the ground is easier for those with physical disabilities, which can mean adding a new means of entry to a minivan, for example. Implementing adaptive equipment in a mini van can redesign the vehicle with features including:

Side entry:

==> Lowered floor from the front of the driver and passenger seats to rear bench seat, power fold-out ramp and power auto-kneel system lowered driver side sliding door sill for an easy-out front passenger and driver seat, with under carriage for spare tire storage.

Rear Entry:

==> Fold out ramp is in the rear of the vehicle.

==> With lifting equipment, the driver controls the entry and exiting of a motorized cart. The adaptive equipment makes it easy for people to travel at convenience and ease with their means of getting around.

Truck Conversions:

==> Adaptive to the driver, but modifications include wheelchair lifting devices and technological computerized driving aids.

Other types of devices include driving aids, loader and lift devices, and assertive technology. Driving Aids help people get behind the wheel and fully control the car. Driving aids come in variety of equipment that is comfortable for the driver and the driver’s ability. Loader and lift devices lift scooters into the vehicle electrically, making it easy to transport wheelchairs and scooters. There are also loaders that help passengers or drivers get into the vehicle if it is difficult to get in and out of it.

Modifications on farming equipment or industrial machinery are just as important as in an every day vehicle. Limitations keep people from thinking they can work and that is just not the case. Workers can utilize lifts to get in and out of the vehicle and use driving aids to control the equipment. Same concept, different context.

Tools for material handling, tractors, shop tools, livestock and pets, outdoor mobility, or ATV’s are all capable of being used by those with disabilities. Like I said earlier though, it doesn’t seem like a disability after some time.

Embrace what technology has to offer. Run errands freely or tend to the farm at your means. It is a possibility these days.