Life Is More Fun With a Conversion Van

The family car may be reliable, but it isn’t the most spacious and comfortable ride for long road trips and vacations. Sure, you could rent an RV, but that land yacht can be too expensive and it’s nearly the size of a city bus!

A conversion van is your answer. It’s a step down from an RV, but not in efficiency, style and comfort. If you like the aesthetic style of today’s RV, consider the 2012 Chevrolet Conversion Van Explorer Hi-Top. It is a spacious van with a gorgeous exterior, black with a wrap-around ground effect. The front of the van has a mesh chrome grill, as well as 20-inch premium chrome wheels, giving it high-class style. The high-top roof provides more space and the ability to stand in the vehicle. On each side of the van, there are passenger doors allowing a more comfortable way of exiting the vehicle, similar to an RV.

Best of all, the van is affordable enough for purchase so that it can serve as a practical family vehicle. Although practical for a trip to the grocery store, it’s an entertainment center on wheels ready to take the kids camping or tailgate at your sports event with friends.

A conversion van can be built to your specification. Even pre-owned vans can have luxury options added to suit your needs. Most are already equipped with a GPS navigation system, perfect for those road outings near and far.

If you search online for travel blogs created by enthusiasts, you quickly learn that these fun vehicles have a huge fan base. People love them!

“I bought my first van to go travelling back in 1997, before I found my career as a web programmer, so I hadn’t considered using it as an office. Our current van I bought last year, mainly to use as a family campervan, but with the bonus that as I always work from a laptop, it makes a very good mobile office,” said Rick Hurst, conversion van travel blogger. “It’s no different than driving around in a minivan or SUV.”

It’s fall-time for football, which means tailgate parties, and a drive into the mountains to view fall foliage. Whatever your fancy, there’s no time like the present to select your conversion van in order to enjoy these fall fun activities:

Tailgating. High schools, colleges, and professional arenas across the country hold football games this time of year. Tailgating is a tradition at football games, and there’s no better addition than a conversion van. No need for friends to meet you at the game in separate vehicles; everyone can fit in the van along with a portable grill, cooler, camp chairs, blankets and sports team gear.

If your child plays sports or attends school or little league games, how cool would it be for you to roll up in your van decorated for the game? Kids and parents alike would enjoy visiting your van to share in the fun.

Fishing. Fall is a popular time for trout fishing. Alone or with friends and family, fishing trips are made better by a conversion van. You can travel in comfort. There’s plenty of room for your fishing gear, grill, cooler, food and drink. Distance is no longer an issue because near or far, if you decide to stay overnight, there’s no need for the expense of a hotel room or the chore of pitching a tent; you can sleep in the conversion van.

Road trip. You are hard pressed to find a better vehicle for road trips than the conversion van. It’s smaller than an RV, making it easier to handle and park. You travel in comfort with everything you need, whether it is food and drink or a place to take a nap. The GPS navigation system will ensure you don’t get lost on your adventure. If you don’t want to miss your favorite TV show, you can park and watch from your van’s LCD hi-definition television.

Are you a frequent traveler? If so, you can order a conversion van complete with a stove in order to save costs eating on the road.

Camping. We all need to escape the office, computer, cell phone, and daily grind. Camping is one way to get back to nature with family and friends, and relax. Erecting tents can be a chore, and sleeping on the ground quickly loses its appeal after the first night, especially if it rains. If you own a conversion van, you have a dry, cozy bed in your van.

If you are ready to buy a van and choose your luxury options, contact a reputable conversion van dealer to walk you through the process.