Renting a 15-Passenger Vehicle for Family Reunions

Car rentals are seemingly hard to locate in rural areas. Part of my family live far away and like to save gas money by carpooling the six hour car ride to the rest of the family. Rather than putting miles on their vehicles, it makes sense to pool money together for a 15-passsenger van that way everyone fits in the same vehicle and no one is running the risk of damaging their own vehicle somehow. Chances aren’t likely anything would happen to their car, but sometimes you never know with winter weather and roads.

With that many seats available, the vehicle is spacious enough to fit a whole crew of family, including suitcases and other baggage. Safety is always my concern. News reports always show documentaries of unsafe rental vehicles, but I make sure the family asks about inspections between drivers. Rental vehicles are typically reliable; it is just better to be safe and ask the rental company about it. This is the best option for my family traveling down here together.

I have family members in their later life that have difficulties moving around. Their limited mobility often is an excuse to not want to drive or sit in a car for six hours. I can understand. I hate the drive as is too. However, that excuse can no longer be an excuse when there are van rentals available specifically for handicap individuals. The vehicles have wheel chair ramps or scooter loaders. Moreover, some rental vans have the option of loading the passenger and/or driver into the vehicle. If you’re a passenger, you always get to ride shotgun. Everyone else loads into the backseat.

Now, full size vans are going to obviously be more spacious and provide more head room for the backseat riders. In addition, riders with wheelchairs or scooters have more room to maneuver after being lifted into the vehicle. These days limited mobility doesn’t mean being dependent on others to drive people places to run errands or attend a family reunion.

Adaptive equipment installed in these rental vans is easy to use for drivers and passengers. What’s nice is if family doesn’t have to travel far to be able to utilize handicap rental vans. If they want to rent for a day to run errands or a sporting event, they can throw the wheelchair in the back and ride at their convenience. I know it’s hard to drive five or six hours, but it’s worth it when chipping in and carpooling with a rental vehicle.